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Facial Fitness exercises

It is very important to do this programme in the order as set out for you in both the books and on the videos. By working on the basic programme first you will gradually strengthen the muscles to enable you to go onto the more advanced section. Your muscles will be too weak in the beginning to start at the advanced level. It is important that you read all instructions carefully before you start your Facial Fitness exercises.

Let us look at the upper eyelids muscles. Here again, when the muscles weaken you will be left with folds and or sagging. This can be strengthened by the following exercise

Eyelid exercise
1. Look straight ahead into the mirror throughout this exercise.
2. Curve index fingers under eyebrows then raise your eyebrows and hold against the bone.
3. Close lids and stretch upper eyelids downwards in 5 small movements.
4. Hold for a count of 6
5. Release the squeeze slowly in 3 counts.
6. Open lids, Relax, Breathe.
7. Repeat once more.

*Alternatively place 4 fingers of each hand just under the line of eyebrows and proceed as above.

All the exercises are done twice, once a day 5 days a week. Choose a time when you are not tired.

How long before I see a difference?
I would love to say in 3 - 4 weeks all is restored as so many of us want an instant result and then feel disappointed. There is no magic wand.

However, you will feel strength in your facial muscles you have not felt before. That melting wax feeling when you are tired will be gone - this can happen in the first few weeks. After this you should see an improvement in the contour of your face week by week. Over the next 4 -6 months you will see a marked improvement.

The secret: Work out for 10 minutes a day - minimum 4 days a week until you are pleased with the result.

What people are saying about Facial Fitness

Facial Fitness exercise
Eyelid exercise
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I have talked to clients who rave about this technique, swearing that it is the equivalent of a gentle face lift
Sarah Stacey - Chair of the Guild of Health Writers
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