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For press enquiries you can contact us at our London office on +44 (0)20 7937 6616, or by fax on
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Eva's Biography

A chance meeting with Madame Hoffman in Germany, led to Eva Fraser, then fifty years of age, to discover and develop her Facial Fitness technique.

Madame Hoffman had devised a method of exercising the facial muscles with the help of a doctor friend in the 1930's. After much persuasion she gave Eva one lesson and then went on to train her for a year in London. The only person to be granted this privilege.

Since 1990 Eva has brought her methods in to the public domain. Through her best selling books, translated in to eight languages, she has won recognition around the world and is approved by dermatologists, and the medical profession in general.


Daily Express, Secrets of a Natural Facelift

The Telegraph, A Natural Facelift that lasts

What the Press say

Style Magazine Sunday Times, Vanessa Wilde's Secret Diary
'I must admit her skin is really amazing. Very firm, very smooth, very few wrinkles and she must be nearly 70. She looks 50. I've never seen a face-lift as good as that, as far as I know and, if I have, I definitely need to know.'

"It's not a face-lift, it's my facial exercises" she said (Lady Cromigh) "They're simply marvellous. Eva Fraser!"

'It turns out that Eva Fraser is a beauty guru in Kensington who teaches amazing facial exercises. If you spend about 7 minutes a day exercising your facial muscles you stay looking 20 years younger.'

Eve Magazine
'Another great way to lift the face is - like the rest of the body - with exercise. A name that's cherished by beauty aficionados is Eva Fraser. One look at Fraser, who is in her 70's, doesn't look a day older than 55, we'll have you running to her clinic'

Independent on Sunday
Heredity plays a large part in determining how individuals age, says Dr David Fenton of St John's Institute of Dermatology at St Thomas's Hospital. "Much is down to luck. But from what I've seen of Eva Fraser's work, there is no doubt it appears to have some effect. I've had patients who have been to her, and there is no doubt that there is a visible change. There is no scientific evidence, but you can see a difference."

The Independent
Eva Fraser DVD is ranked number one in The Independent's ten best fitness DVDs.

Eva Fraser
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