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Achieve a feeling of well being and confidence with Eva Fraser's Facial Fitness regime
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Exercise books & Frownies

The Facial Workout and Face and Body Programme books offer a complete guide to both Facial Fitness, natural health and body exercises. These books are published by Penguin.

Our small book set which is also part of the video packages can be bought separately. These are excellent for taking to the office or away on holidays.

Books Frownies
Book Eva Fraser's
Facial workout

This is the complete guide to Eva Fraser's facial workout. Published by Penguin, this book includes guides to skin care, use of vitamins, make-up and some body and hand exercises. The facial workout is set out in sequence and is easy to follow. A great compact addition to your daily routine.
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Frownies Frownies -
Anti-wrinkle skin care

Get rid of those scowl lines with these miracle skin patches for use at night or in the privacy of your own home. Apply between the brows for several hours and used regularly frown lines begin to disappear as Frownies coax the muscles back into a natural, more relaxed position. Fully tested by dermatologists, these skin coloured patches are non allergic. One box is approximately 5 months supply.
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Ladies white cotton gloves Gloves
Ladies white cotton gloves
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